How to Make a Small Apartment Look Bigger

5 Easy Ways to Make Small Apartments Look Bigger

Small apartments like the ones in Marassi are cozy and easy to clean. Some people might find decorating a small apartment and making it look bigger a challenge, that’s why we spoke to some of the interior designers we came in contact with and they gave us the following tips !


 1.Display large scale art

large scale decoration

Use a very small number of decorative items in the room. The general rule is, the bigger the decorative item, the better. You don’t want to make your room look suffocating and cluttered by adding a lot of decorations.


2. Furniture with exposed legs will make space look bigger

furniture with exposed legs, like this one here, create the illusion of more space. If you want an area to look bigger, furniture with exposed legs is what you need.

3. don’t buy big furniture

This one is a given. Furniture takes up space, the more furniture you add, the stuffier the room will look. You want to limit the amount of furniture you put in a room to make it look as big as possible.

4. Plants make an area look bigger

plants could also be one of the most vital elements of interior design: when deployed effectively, they will add depth, height, and airiness to any room. Add small plants all over the apartment. The small plants will make the area look bigger and will also add a delicate decorative touch to the apartment. It’s important to not overdo it though!


5. Paint your walls white

painting yours walls a lighter color gives the illusion of more space

Painting your apartment walls a light color gives the illusion of having more space. White walls should be the best option. If you think white is dull for you, you can opt for a light color like rose or baby blue.

If you have any more tips you would like to add, leave them in the comments and we will be sure to check them out!